We would like to draw your attention to a call for papers for a special issue of Society for Business Review (Emerald) entitled ‘From Bhopal to Rana Plaza: The day After. Outcomes of 30 years of campaigns for human rights and environmental protection in global supply chains’. The guest editors are Malik BOZZO-REY, Assistant Professor in Economic Ethics and Philosophy of Management, Lille Catholic University and Guillaume DELALIEUX, Associate Professor in Management, Sciences Po Lille.
Long version of the call could be found here

Authors intending to submit papers to this special issue are encouraged to focus on the following issues:

  • CSR governmentality
  • CSR as a passive revolution or a reversal of hegemonic order
  • CSR as a counter balancing low cost logic induced by globalization
  • CSR as an effective mean of preventing / tackling corruption
  • Social auditing and organizational hypocrisy, decoupling practices, modern pharmakoi
  • CSR, labor unions and and social movements

This Special Issue welcomes interdisciplinary approaches and contributions combining perspectives from:

  • political scientists, on CSR and corporate Political Action or CSR and social movements struggling for human rights at work
  • philosophers, on theories of justice, governmentality
  • legal scholars, on soft-law / hard law analysis
  • management scholars, on organization theory perspectives of CSR practices and theoretical contributions based on empirical examination
  • economists, on the impacts of CSR practices regarding development issues

Please also note that there will be a pre-submission paper development workshop at the annual symposium of the SBR held at CNAM in Paris, next March 2017 for interested authors.

Deadline for papers submission: 1st July 2017

For further information on the SI, please contact the guest editors of the special issue Malik Bozzo-Rey, malik.bozzo-rey@univ-catholille.fr and Guillaume Delalieux , guillaume.delalieux@sciencespo-lille.eu

For questions about the symposium; please contact Yoann BAZIN, co-editor of SBR, yoannbazin@yahoo.fr


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Call for papers