About us

About us

Paris Research in Norms Management and Law (Primal) is a group of interdisciplinary researchers (from Law, Management and Philosophy).

The creation of Primal was inspired by the observation that management has a normative influence beyond the company and influences the functioning of society. To better understand the changes in today’s society it is necessary to consider the consequences of extending the scope of managerial norms.

This problem is addressed through two main research themes:
> The interaction between legal norms, standards, policies and managerial standards
> The effects of this interaction for democratic processes.

These research themes are developed four areas where projects are carried out specific research. The group is facilitated by this Coordinating Committee and is supported by an international Research Committee.

The group meets primal twenty researchers. It is run by a multidisciplinary coordination committee: Pierre Brunet, Professor of Public Law; Sophie Robin-Olivier, Professor of Private Law; Frédéric Guiomard, Assistant Professor in Private Law; Nelarine Cornelius, Professor of Management (University of Bradford, UK), Frederic Gautier, Professor of Management, and Eric Pezet, Professor of Management; Malik Bozzo-Rey, Assistant Professor in Philosophy.